Cheap Flights to Santa Maria, California

Santa Maria is a beautiful city near the Central Coast of California in Northern Santa Barbara County. This place is a perfect destination for a vacation as it's filled with everything you need, from pristine beaches, parks, mountains, golf courses, breathtaking landscapes, and much more. This place also has an Award-winning wine-growing region known as Santa Barbara County that homes over 58 wineries nestled in a mile so f picturesque countryside. When you plan a trip to such a place, you have to prepare and think about a lot of things, and the most basic one is to find cheap flights to Santa Maria so that you can save a good amount from your budget. Other than that it is also very much necessary for you to know]w the airports near this place, and the affordable places to visit here. 

List of Airports in Santa Maria

It is important for travelers to arrive at one such airport that is not far away from the city, has the best services, and is also accessible to transport to the hotel you have booked under your itinerary. The list of airports and their distance from Santa Maria are mentioned here for you as follows. 

List of International Airports 

  • Los Angeles International Airport- 163 miles 
  • Fresno Yosemite International Airport- 176 miles
  • John Wayne Airport- 198 miles
  • LA/Ontario International Airport- 198 miles
  • Norman Y. Minetaa San Jose International Airport- 221 miles

List of Domestic Airports

  • Santa Maria Public Airport- 5 miles
  • San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport- 27 miles
  • Santa Barbara Municipal Airport- 69 miles
  • Meadows Field- 130 miles

List of Local Airports

  • Oceano County- 19 miles
  • Vandenberg Air Force Base- 26 miles
  • Lompoc Airport- 29 miles
  • Santa Ynez Airport- 36 miles
  • O'Sullivan Army Heliport- 38 miles
  • Make sure you select the airport that will help you reserve cheap flights to Santa Maria and get to your desired destination at the cheapest fare. 

Places to visit at Santa Maria

  • There are multiple places to visit in Santa Maria, which are mentioned here as follows. 
  • Admire the beauty of 'Santa Maria Novella.'
  • Remember to visit the 'Chapels.'
  • Have a wonderful view of 'The Sacristy.'
  • Make sure you visit 'Florence's Aristocratic past.'
  • Touch the heights with 'Crucifixes.'
  • Take a look at a gem of 'Renaissance Style.'
  • Revisit the history with 'The Nativity' and 'The Pulpit.'
  • Make sure you see the beauty of the 'Museo Novecento Museum
  • Take a look at 'Green Closer and Cloister of the Dead.' 
  • Make sure you backtrack your way through 'The Great Cloister.'

Tips to book cheap flight to Santa Maria

Some tips will help you book cheap flights to Santa Maria, and it is advisable for you to follow them when making the reservation for your flight ticket. 

  • Budgets Airlines- You should look for low-cost/ local airlines as they will not charge you any additional service or administration charges.
  • Compare Prices- Even if you opt for the budgeted airlines, don't get settled for one. Compare three to four airlines' prices before settling on one. 
  • Advance Booking- Try to make the reservation of your flight ticket at least 60 days before the scheduled flight departure. Because there are higher chances of getting the best offer and prices when you make your booking in advance date of the scheduled departure of your flight.
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