How do I Change my SkyWest Airlines Flight?

Sticking to the travel plan but looking to postpone the SkyWest Airlines flight. It was hectic to change your flight but not anymore. Now, everything is very easy with the ways SkyWest Airlines provides you for changing flights.

However, it is recommended to learn about SkyWest Airlines flight change policy first before changing your details on the flight booking. Read this page to know everything about changing flights on SkyWest Airlines.

SkyWest Airlines flight change policy

  • The airline allows the passengers to change the details of the flight booking for the first 24 hours after booking the flight. There are no additional charges you need to pay to change the details for the 24 hours after booking the flight. 
  • If you are changing flights during the risk-free period, then there are certain amount fees you need to pay to make the necessary changes. 
  • If you are changing your travel destination or changing your travel dates then you need to manage to pay the difference in fares too. 
  • You can’t change more than three characters in the names of the passengers.
  • The one who booked the tickets through the official website of SkyWest Airlines, or through the ticketing office. Only those are allowed to make changes in the flight.  
  • If one has booked the flight from a third party then they should contact them to make changes to the flight. 
  • You can also make changes in the flight seven days from the scheduled departure to avoid paying the charges associated with flight changes. 

The above written are the important highlights of the SkyWest Airlines flight change policy. Continue reading further to know about the ways for changing flights with SkyWest Airlines. 

Ways to change the SkyWest Airlines flight. 

  • The primary thing to do is to go to the official website of SkyWest Airlines.
  • Log in or sign in if you have a SkyWest Airlines account otherwise click on the “Flight” tab. Fill in the required details such as booking or reference id and your last name.
  • After you fill in the details, then you will see your booking details. Click on the booking you want to make changes to.
  • Click on the “Make changes” option and follow the onscreen instructions to make changes to your booking. 
  • Click on the “Submit” option and make the necessary payments if you're required to.
  • Wait for the confirmation mail from SkyWest Airlines confirming your changes in your flight ticket. 

Through the above-mentioned way, you can change the details of the flight booking from the official website. You also have the option of calling the customer care services of SkyWest Airlines. You can ask the customer care representative to make the necessary changes for you and they will assist you in changing the details on your SkyWest Airlines flight changes.  

You can rely on them to pick up your call at any time of the day. The SkyWest Airlines services are available 24 hours, seven days a week.

However, they won’t be of much help when you have booked the tickets from a third party. It is advisable to contact the third party directly to make changes in flight for you or for any other kind of assistance you require. SkyWest Airlines won’t be of much help if any third party is involved. 

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