A Step by Step Guide on Lufthansa Missed Flight

Lufthansa Missed Flight due to Delay- if you have a flight booking or a reservation with Lufthansa and you missed your flight, and the situation is giving you a severe headache, then do not worry because you’ve come to the right place that will help you with all the possible scenarios where you miss your flight with Lufthansa;

  • If you missed your flight with Lufthansa and the flight got delayed due to their fault, you can claim your compensation from their team.
  • As Lufthansa is a German airline, you can claim your compensation quickly if your scenario meets the below-mentioned points;
  1. You boarded your flight from the EU, and the departure point was the same.
  2. If you board your flight from another destination, your arrival point is EU.
  3. If you fit in the points listed above, you can claim your compensation from Lufthansa.
  • Often people make a flight booking or a reservation with airlines to reach their destination on time.
  • If your purpose isn’t solved, you will be provided with a total compensation accordingly.
  • The compensation will only be provided if the delay was due to the fault of Lufthansa and not because of any extraordinary circumstances or unique situation that Lufthansa's authority couldn’t have controlled.

How much compensation can I expect for my missed flight?

If you are wondering about the amount that you will get if you miss your Lufthansa flight due to their fault, then the following points will help you instantly;

  • If you meet all the compensation criteria for a missed or delayed flight, then you can expect a compensation of the amount stated below;
  1. 250 dollars for a flight within the 1500km range.
  2. 400 dollars for the flights varying from 1500-3500km range.
  3. If you have a flight over 1500km and you start, or your arrival is EU, you can get 400 dollars.
  4. 600 dollars for over 3500km range.
  • If you have a long-haul EU flight and reach your destination maximum by 3-4 hours delay, and the range is more than 3500km, you can expect 300 dollars as compensation.

Thus, the points mentioned above will help you with the compensation amount if you missed your Lufthansa flight because of the delay.

Can I get a refund on missed or delayed Lufthansa flights?

Yes, you can surely get a refund of the amount you paid at the time of your flight booking in case you missed your Lufthansa flight. Make a note that the refund will only be provided if your flight got delayed for more than 5 hours. The following points will help you significantly with the topic;

  • You can expect a refund within 7 business working days from the day you missed your flight.
  • If you had a connecting flight, you’d get a refund for the part you did not take.
  • If you were flying for a purpose and now you missed an important meeting, you’ll be provided with an amount of the refund for the part you took as well.
  • If you were traveling on a connecting flight and missed it in between due to the delay, then Lufthansa will bear the cost of a flight from the point to the original or the first departure in a short span of time.
  • Not only this, but you will also get compensation for your waiting time.

Henceforth, the points mentioned above will help you with the Lufthansa Missed Flight Policy scenario. You can have the perfect idea of the situation, and you can cope up accordingly. You can now feel relaxed about the situation and tackle it accordingly.

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