Does calling the airline directly to book get you better rates on airfare?

Yes, it is preferable to book the flight tickets directly through the airline. The passenger usually prefers to book the flight tickets directly with the airline as it is more convenient and easy. If you book directly though airline, you will get affordable price on the flight tickets and thus making your travel convenient and enjoyable for you. There are lots of benefits of booking the flight ticket directly through the airline. When you use calling option, you can direct book to flight phone number to book the flight tickets directly contacting the airline.

Steps to book the flight tickets directly calling to the airline:

In order to book the flight ticket by simply calling to the airline, you need to follow below given procedure in a systematic manner.

  • To initiate the process, you are supposed to call on the toll-free or helpline number that is available on the official website of the airline.
  • After getting response to the other end, you can ask them to book the flight seats for you.
  • You will be asked to give some details related to travel such as travel date, mention the number of passengers, source and destination cities, etc. Give the information on the same.
  • When they will tell you about the convenient flights, you are supposed to tell them your choice. Now, they will need your some personal details such as complete name, phone details etc.
  • You must provide all the necessary information, and when the flight booking is confirmed you will get booked ticket on the email along with the other travel and baggage related details. 

Necessary points to keep in mind while booking the flight tickets directly through the airline:

If you want to book the flight tickets directly through the airline, you need to remember some important in your mind. Some of them are given below:

  • Don’t give extra booking, change or cancellation fees:  Few of the airlines, such as Southwest, don’t even menu their fares on online travel agencies, while others such as Lufthansa needs costs when you book through an OTA. When you want to change or cancel your flights, some third parties inserts a charge of their own other than the airline’s change fee.
  • Provides elite benefits and earn loyalty currency: Even though, you can always add your frequent flyer number to third-party flight bookings and earn miles as long as the fare class is applicable. Many times, you can get lucky and have your elite status recognized by adding your loyalty account details afterward via phone or in person, but it’s not assured and is at the prudence of the check-in desk person. 
  • Offers desired and comfortable seats: If you are thinking to book directly through the airline, you will be provided with the restful and favored seats. Online travel agency accepts to speak any seating preferences to airlines but you are unable to get the seat assignments till you check with the airline. 
  • Get advantage of exciting deals or amenities: The airline provides loyalty bonuses and even extra perks to its passengers. This comprises of extra miles, or points, free Wi-Fi facility, meals and beverages credits, special vacation packages, and many others. 

Get to know about the benefits of booking the flight tickets by calling the airline:

  • Offers discounted or cost-effective flight tickets.
  • Provides loyalty bonuses and even additional perks.
  • Advantage of exciting deals or amenities.
  • Get desired, spacious and better seats.
  • No need to pay for extra booking, cancellation or change fees.

By following the above mentioned ways, one can easily Book directly with airline or lookatfares in a very comfortable manner. If you are still having any query about the services of the airline, you can directly contact the customer care team of the airline for reliable and prompt assistance. To get in touch with the support team, you can use the information mentioned on the contact page of airline’s website. The customer representatives of the airline will serve you with all the services and required information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it better to call the airline to book a flight?

Ans. Booking a flight through a call gives you many options and ways to get the ticket at a low cost. You can call airline to book a flight, and the executive will provide you with all the information regarding the current offers, the flight timings on your given day with the prices, and also help you with any query. Follow the below steps to book a flight through a phone call:

  • Dial +1 (802) 636-9417  the airline's official contact number from your mobile phone.
  • Choose the preferred language.
  • Then you will get to the IVR menu.
  • Select the service of your choice from the menu

Press 1 to book a flight

Press 2 to cancel your flight

Press 3 to file a complaint

Press 4 for baggage-related issues

Press # to speak to the customer service executive

  • Then, the IVR will put your call on hold for a few minutes and connect you to the executive.
  • You can provide information on your destination, and the executive will help you in booking your flight.

For any other help, you can visit the airline's official website and use the live chat option to chat with the executive and read the various policies of the airline to know about the check-in process, luggage information, and many others. 

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