Why doesn't Qatar airways answer the phone?

While you try to reach customer service on their phone number, Qatar sometimes needs help to answer your call. There can be specific reasons that come between you and their customer team. But there is no need to worry if Qatar Airways does not answer the phone when you contact them. We will get to learn why they do not answer the call and what is the solution to this issue in the below section.

Why does Qatar not answer your call?

The reasons are as follows:

  • High call volumes: When customers try to call them, many contact them at the same time. Due to so many calls, their team can only answer some phones.
  • Long calls: Customers contacting them may take a lot of time to discuss their queries. Such long calls keep their team busy, so they can not attend to the other customers trying to contact them.
  • Membership flyers: Customers with Qatar membership can reach the customer agent before non-membership customers. They can be talking to the customer team.
  • Less customer staff: Qatar can be insufficient to handle all the calls. That is why they are not answering your calls. 
  • Holiday season: When you try to reach them during the holiday season, the customer teams are usually busy as many people travel during this time. That is keeping them out of your reach.

What should you do to contact Qatar if they are not answering your phone?

If you have tried to contact them via phone multiple times and they are still not answering your call, you can take the following measures to connect with them:

  • Try other communication modes: Qatar provides many channels along with phone numbers to accept the queries of their customers. If you do not get them by phone, keep your heart and try to reach them via chat, social media, and a contact form. These channels have a reasonable response rate, and you will get them quickly.
  • Buy their membership: You may know that you get several benefits if you buy a Qatar membership. You will get the leverage to speak to their customer agent if you get their membership.
  • Be specific regarding your query: As you reach them via phone, put the question in simple language and be clear regarding what information you want from them. That will give you a quick answer, and other customers will also get to reach them.
  • Avoid calling during the holiday season: If possible, try not to call them during the holidays. Contact them only if your query is urgent.
  • Contact them early morning: Few people contact the customer agents during the morning times. But during this time of the day, they are readily available. You can call them and talk to them more quickly than in the evening or day.


Qatar tries to listen to every customer who tries to reach them via phone or any other medium. But due to specific reasons, they cannot answer your calls. You can get them quickly if you refer to the tips and tricks in the above section. Try to reach them in more than one communication channel during the early morning, and there is a high chance that they will speak to you.

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