How to Change Reservation With Royal Jordanian?

Booking your flights with Royal Jordanian might be the first thing you do after deciding to go on a journey. After the reservation, you might get some emergency, or because of some other reason, you need to change your reservation. In such situations, it becomes mandatory that you should know the Royal Jordanian Flight Change Policy so that you do not get through any inconvenience during the flight change procedure. By going through the policy, you will be able to answer or solve each problem that can come your way while you are asking the Airline to change your reservation.

The Royal Jordanian Flight Change Policy:

The Jordanian flight change policy includes various guidelines, terms, and conditions. So go through all the mentioned details before you change your flight reservation:

  • Any changes in the Jordanian flight ticket will be free of charge if you make them within 24-hours of purchasing the ticket.
  • Elite class gets some relaxation in all the services. So they do not have to pay the flight change charges, but they will be entitled to pay the fare difference.
  • The flight change can be done with the Royal Jordanian event after the check-in. But note that you must pay higher flight change charges and fare difference.
  • If you missed the flight because of continuous delays, then it is the responsibility of the Airlines that they book another scheduled flight on the same day. You do not have to pay any charges for it.
  • The flight change will concern the travel agency only if you have booked your ticket from any third party.
  • You can change your flight if you want to upgrade it. But you have to pay the charges for the same, or it may be higher than usual, depending on the class.
  • The flight change charges depend on the destination, class, and time of the change.
  • Flight change charges of Royal Jordanian range from $200 to $800 depending on the class upgrade, location or the difference, time of change, etc.
  • According to the Jordanian flight change policy, you can change the flight ticket prior to the scheduled departure.

How to change a flight online at Royal Jordanian?

You can make changes to your flight ticket without contacting the Airline. You can access your flight on Manage Booking, make changes, cancel, request a refund, etc. Everything can be done on the Manage booking. Follow the below procedure to change the flight ticket at Royal Jordanian:

  • Visit the official website of Royal Jordanian.
  • Click on “Manage Booking,” fill in the reservation number and last name, and retrieve your booking.
  • Go to the Menu and select flight change from the options below the flight section.
  • Fill out other details with the new date, time, and class and submit the form.
  • Pay for the changed ticket, and you will get it at your registered email address or download it from the website.

Can I change my Royal Jordanian ticket on the phone?

The easiest and the best method through which you can get in touch with the customer service of the Royal Jordanian for the flight change is their phone number. You just have to dial the +962-65-100000 and ask the customer executive to change your flight ticket.

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