How do I Call LATAM Airlines from Colombia?

LATAM Airlines provides several phone numbers that belong to different regions of different countries to prevent the rush of customer calls to their agent. In this way, they can attend to each customer in a better way and provide them with a better experience with LATAM customer service. LATAM also includes phone service to connect calls from customers to LATAM agents from Colombia.

Please take the steps as follows to call LATAM Airlines from Colombia: 

  • Navigate through the website of LATAM Airlines, i.e.,
  • Look for the Help Center of LATAM Airlines.
  • You will see the Phone number by country option just below the Self-service and Contact Center.
  • You will get a list of LATAM phone numbers belonging to different countries. You will get LATAM Airlines Colombia Phone Number in the South America region category.
  • You can call on 6015185800 to LATAM Airlines from Colombia.
  • As you dial the LATAM Airlines Colombia Phone Number, you will get to listen to the LATAM IVR phone call system. IVR will give you instructions which are as follows:
  • Press 1 to choose the language you are comfortable with to talk to LATAM Airlines from Colombia.
  • Press 2 for reservations with LATAM Airlines.
  • Press 3 for the Lost & Found complaint.
  • Press 9 to talk to the LATAM Airlines representative.
  • You can press nine, and your call will be connected to LATAM Airlines' live representative.

If you want to choose another medium to connect to LATAM Airlines from Colombia other than call, you can use the following modes of communication.

Through WhatsApp or chat: LATAM provides a WhatsApp number to connect via WhatsApp from Colombia. To communicate via WhatsApp to LATAM Airlines from Colombia, you can follow the steps below:

  • Visit the LATAM Airlines website.
  • Go to the Help Center option.
  • Click on the Phone numbers by country option.
  • Click on the Colombia region, and you will get the Whatsapp number of LATAM Airlines. 
  • Text the LATAM Airlines from Colombia at +56968250850.
  • Click on Continue to Chat and begin the conversation with LATAM Airlines from Colombia.

Through Social media: You can get a social media platform option to connect with LATAM Airlines from Colombia in the contact with us section on the LATAM Airlines website.

Different platforms available by LATAM Airlines from Colombia are Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

  • Facebook: Messenger lets you exchange messages with LATAM Airlines from Colombia once you visit LATAM Airlines page on messenger.
  • Twitter: Ask your query via Twitter from your account and mention LATAM Airlines with @latam_co.  
  • Instagram: Message LATAM Airlines on their Instagram account.

Through email: You can email LATAM Airlines from Colombia. You will receive an automated email from LATAM Airlines asking you for some time to get a solution. You will get the answer, although it might take a little longer.

LATAM Airlines has the best features in its customer service. Different numbers available for other regions help better customer communication and LATAM Airlines. To connect to LATAM airlines from Colombia, you have access to every medium to communicate with LATAM. LATAM Airlines connects to its customers from every part of the world. The response time to get your call connected with LATAM Airlines from Colombia is just a few minutes.

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