A detailed guide about Air Arabia Seat Selection process

If you book a flight with Air Arabia, you can always choose your seat at the time of booking by paying some additional charges. Your pre-booked seats are guaranteed unless flight safety measures are required. 

However, you can also choose the seats later using the seat selection form available on the website or by calling Air Arabia representatives or travel partners. The Air Arabia Seat Selection process is quite simple. In case you have no idea, keep scrolling down the page below.

How to choose seats on Air Arabia?

Air Arabia allows you to select the desired seat during booking to make your journey smooth and comfortable. However, you can also add seats late by visiting the airline's official site or contacting the Air Arabia representative or travel partner. Besides, you can check out the detailed procedure for a better understanding.

Step by Step guide to selecting your seat at Air Arabia 

Seat selection at the time of booking 

  • Go to the flight booking page of Air Arabia online 
  • There you can provide the destination and arrival information along with other details mentioned on the screen
  • Now go to the result page to see available flight options,
  • Select the desired flight option, and you further get three options to choose; Basic, value, Extra
  • You can select the option that provides seat selection and then go to the passenger's information page
  • You can fill in all details, select the preferred seats, and follow the online instructions
  • Now complete the seat selection process by paying the total fare 

If you miss selecting a seat during booking, you can also proceed with the Air Arabia Seat Selection process after booking. Here you can follow the procedure below to select a seat after booking.

Seat selection after the booking 

  • To select a seat after booking, you can go to the official site of Air Arabia and locate the manage booking section.
  • Go to the modify flight option, and provide the details on-screen 
  • Select the ticket for seat selection; go to the seat selection options
  • Now from the seat map, select your desired seat and proceed
  • Now pay the charges applicable and follow the instructions to complete the process 

Apart from following the procedure above, you can also choose your seat by speaking to the Air Arabia call center or travel partner anytime. Now let's check out the highlights of the Air Arabia seat selection policy below to avoid any hassle or penalty from the airline.

Air Arabia's Seat selection policy 

  • The passengers are allowed to select a seat at the time of booking for a smooth journey. Else the airline will assign the available seat for you at check-in.
  • You get seats on the basis of a first-come, first-serve. Airlines try to provide seats next to each other in case you travel with family, but it is subject to availability.
  • Children below 15 and passengers with special needs cannot opt for a seat on emergency exits.
  • For safety precautions, passengers with infants and limited mobility cannot select the emergency seats.
  • Passengers with falcon(s) are provided seats away from the emergency exit toward the rear of the aeroplane cabin.
  • You can also add seats later after booking by filling out the seat selection form online and contacting the customer service, sales office, or travel partner of Air Arabia.

Conclusion: By reading the information above, you must clearly understand the Air Arabia Seat Selection process. Besides that, if you need something or have doubts, you can talk to the Air Arabia executive anytime.

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